For 6 months now, I’ve been part of the Hawaiian Happy Cakes team, helping to run our booth at the KCC Farmer’s Market. Last week, I was speaking with a coworker and we wound up discussing why exactly Happy Cakes are so good, when they mentioned Happy Cake is the best pineapple cake in the nation. That got me thinking; is Happy Cake the best pineapple cake in the nation? Interesting question, I thought as I began to muse it over.  I considered these factors:


Made in Hawaii

The Happy Cake is, without a doubt in my mind, the finest pineapple cake in Hawaii. With a perfect blend of tasty roasted macadamia nuts, fresh Hawaiian pineapple, and sweet coconut flakes, there is no better pineapple cake! The Happy Cake combines the island’s most traditional flavors into a gourmet taste of paradise. Seriously, it’s that good! But is the Happy Cake the best pineapple cake in America? While that’s a big statement to make, I’d say it’s absolutely true. Think about it: which state has the freshest, sweetest pineapples? Well of course, Hawaii does! The Happy Cake has got to be the best cake because it is handmade from scratch in Hawaii with real, fresh, locally-sourced ingredients. No other pineapple cake in the nation is made with such high quality ingredients and warm aloha.


Everyone keeps coming back

One thing I’ve noticed working for Happy Cakes is that, every single week at the market, at least twice I’ll overhear a customer tell our staff something along the lines of, “I get Happy Cake every year I visit Hawaii,” or “We got some Happy Cake on our last visit, it was delicious!” Even my fellow workers can’t resist snacking on cake samples throughout the day. Owen encourages us to sample the samples to ensure quality control, and we gladly comply. Not only this, but whenever my co-workers go on trips to visit family and friends on the mainland or abroad, they always ask Owen for a few boxes to take along as gifts.


So I return to my question. Is Happy Cake the best pineapple cake in America? Yes, I believe it is. But you should decide for yourself! You just may come back for more.