Judging by the title you might expect behind the scenes footage of the movie called “Chocolate Brownie Cake”, but this post is not about it. It’s even better! We want to introduce to you the production process of our Chocolate Macadamia Nut Fudge Brownie Cake, now available in brand new box!

The first stop to Happy Chocolate joy is chocolate, sugar, shortening and cake flour being mixed together.

Hawaiian Happy Cakes - Chocolate, sugar and shortening mix

This is just the beginning and base prepared for freshly roasted Hawaiian Macadamia Nuts for getting mixed in. They give the cake a special, crunchy taste.

Hawaiian Happy Cakes - Chocolate and Hawaiian Macadamia Nuts mixing

After Macadamia Nuts come into the story, we then have to mix, mix, mix and mix a bit more, until we get the thick batter which is delicious by itself.

Hawaiian Happy Cakes - Chocolate and Hawaiian Macadamia Nuts batter

The end of this part is the moist rich texture with macadamia nuts throughout.  Yummy!

Hawaiian Happy Cakes - Chocolate texture with Hawaiian Macadamia Nuts

Iced cakes then get nice garnishing, with roasted macadamia nuts on top. Here you can see them, chilling and getting ready to get on the road to you and your loved ones.

Hawaiian Happy Cakes - Chocolate Brownie cake with Hawaiian Macadamia Nuts

But before they start their trip, we pack each of this in our new beautiful box.

Hawaiian Happy Cakes - Chocolate Brownie cake in box

We hope that you enjoyed our “back stage” photos, and that you got to know how is your favorite, chocolate brownie cake being made. Of course, don’t forget to order one for yourself. Don’t just let them stand there and wait for you. 😉

Feel free to let us know how you liked the cake in the comment section bellow. We are looking forward to hearing back from you!