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If you have questions, we have the answers!

Here are the answers to some questions, most frequently asked by our customers. The questions are listed further bellow. To read the answer, please click on the + sign next to the question. If you were not satisfied with these, feel free to contact us and we will be more than glad to provide you with a suitable answer.

How long do Happy Cakes last?

Our hand-made Happy Cakes can last for more than a month when stored in a cool, dry place. Once the packaging is opened, we recommend wrapping the remaining cake with plastic wrap and storing in the refrigerator. They last longer if frozen or refrigerated. All cakes are date-stamped.

Can I travel on an airplane with my Happy Cakes?

Yes! Happy Cakes are made with pineapple that has been cooked or “glaced,” and pass all Hawaii state agricultural laws and TSA requirements. It’s no problem to clear both of the screening checks at Honolulu International Airport to take your cakes home with you. Strong and durable, Happy Cakes are perfect for travel!

Is a Happy Cake a fruitcake?

This is a great question that food critics and experts have debated and pondered more than 40 years. With a strong shelf similar to a traditional fruitcake, Happy Cakes are dense cakes with candied fruit and nuts. However, these Hawaii-made treats lack the super sweet punch of fruitcake. In fact, some say that Happy Cakes are the Hawaiian version of a fruitcake.

Can you ship Happy Cakes?

Absolutley! Since the 1960s, we’ve been shipping our cakes across the U.S. and around the world! We’re lucky to have customers in every state and also in most continents across the globe. Cakes, Kona coffee and other Hawaiian goodies will be carefully packed and then shipped via United States Postal Service.
Two-Day Service – For those needing their Happy Cakes quickly for a special occasion, we’ll ship via FedEx two-day service to any U.S. destination for a nominal fee.

Do you have a nut-free cake?

Yes! Our Maui Pineapple Cake has a lighter batter with no nuts or coconut. We typically offer this cake during the Christmas holidays.

What are the main ingredients of the cake?

The three main ingredients in our Happy Cakes are pineapple, macadamia nuts and coconut.

Are brandy and other alcoholic beverages used as ingredients?

No! We don’t use any brandy or other types of alcohol in our Happy Cakes.

What are the potential allergens of the cake? Do you provide a variant without them?

Potential allergens in our cakes would be dairy products and nuts.