It’s probably impossible to find a person on Earth that didn’t hear at least a part of one his songs, or at least a part of great melody he managed to record during his fantastic career. You could hear them on the radio, TV, internet, various shows, concerts, movies, and even on various television series. Music will change, new styles and technologies will pop up every day, but Frank Sinatra will live on with us forever!

As an international super-star everyone wanted to hang out with Frank! People were interested in every aspect of his life. This interest didn’t go away even after he left this world, with plenty of legendary stories about Frankie’s life.

A little known story, is that Frank Sinatra was a huge fan of a special cake. And not just any cake! He loved to eat his Hawaiian Happy Cake! Frank would have them shipped from Hawaii directly from the hands of our team.

The secret recipe of his magical singing was never revealed, just like the secret recipe we use for the Happy Cakes he loved!  Frank’s wonderful talents and our delicious cakes bonded together and made a great match for many years. Therefore, today we pay tribute to one of the greatest legends in musical history.

Frank, it has been 17 years since we last heard from you, but we will always remember you as the person who admired what we do, as much as we continue to admire you, and the music you gifted to the World.