Hawaii’s most famous fruit cake has been baked here on Oahu since 1967, and we are still baking them the same fresh way!

The First baked at the legendary restaurant at Kemo’o Farm, the Happy cake has played an important part of the culinary history of Oahu. For over forty years, locals made the drive up to Wahiawa to get their fresh, moist cake to share and pass out as gifts.

Happy Cakes are even described in Wikipedia!


Happy Cakes are famous for being uniquely hand-crafted from scratch using roasted macadamia nuts from the Big Island, sweetened pineapple, and fresh coconut.

Eating a Happy Cake is like being in Hawaii! You can feel and taste the texture of each individual ingredient as you indulge. For a few moments you are sitting in the sunshine on a beautiful tropical isle.

For forty-five years we have been shipping Happy Cakes to our customers all over the world. They last a long time, and can be shipped anywhere. 



Kemo’oファームで伝説的なレストランで焼いまず、ハッピーケーキはオアフ島の料理の歴史の重要な役割を果たしてきました。 40年以上にわたり、地元の人々は贈り物を共有し、として渡すために彼らの新鮮な、しっとりケーキを取得するワヒアワにドライブを作りました。




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