Aloha to all our Happy Ohana,

Well, we have finally done it. We made a short video about Happy Cakes. All the time people ask us what is a Happy Cake? And sometimes over the phone they cannot picture it or imagine what it looks like.

So when a buddy of mine offered to make an amateur video explaining it, we thought: “Sure why not!”. As well we felt it would be fun to show our beautiful island of Oahu, where the cakes are made, and some of the long history of the Happy Cake.

As most of you already know, we only make our Happy Cakes with the finest Hawaiian ingredients. Our Happy Cakes are a genuinely local Hawaiian product, and we have a long 49 year history! These are the three most important things that we are trying to show in our video.

Here it is. Please let us know if you have any suggestion, or ideas for a future video. We are always grateful for your feedback and input.

We hope you enjoyed it. Mahalo from me, and the Happy Cake team!