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Our proud history in Hawaii


The Happy Cake story is an important part of Oahu culinary culture. Founder Dick Rodby grew up in Wahiawa surrounded by pineapple plantations where his family established a family restaurant across from Schofield Barracks. The family’s restaurant ‘Kemoo Farms’  became legendary over the years for both its great food and local Hawaiian entertainers such as Charles K.L. Davis.

In 1967, Dick Rodby served the first Happy Cake as a dessert to his restaurant customers.  Soon after, people began to buy whole round 32 oz cakes to go, and orders came pouring in from all over the country.  Over the last fifty years, Happy Cakes has developed loyal customers in all 50 US States hungry for their Kemoo Farms Happy Cakes.  

In 2004 Owen O’Callaghan joined the organization, and began to expand in new directions.  The bakery was moved into Honolulu a few years later, and the cake was also baked in a 16 ounce loaf cake and an 8 ounce souvenir sized cake.

Now celebrating its 50th Birthday, Hawaiian Happy Cakes™ continue to respect Dick Rodby’s tradition of using only the finest local ingredients, and continues to be handmade.   Happy Cakes remain the only authentic Hawaiian pineapple and macadamia cake on the market, and make for a unique Hawaiian gift that brings “Aloha” to those who enjoy it.

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