As many of our Happy Cake ‘Ohana’(extended family in Hawaiian) know, Dick Rodby was the founder and creator of the Happy Cake at his restaurant Kemoo Farms back in 1967!   Yes, it was fifty-four years ago that Dick decided to blend juicy locally grown pineapple with macadamia nuts and coconut!  And what a story it has been!  The Happy Cake is still going strong and continues to be ordered by thousands of loyal Hawaiian Fruitcake fans every Christmas season! 


So it was with great joy and some surprise to recently find an article online by an old friend of Dick’s named Tim Woodward.  Many years ago Mr. Woodward had written a column called ‘It’s not Christmas without fruitcake‘ poking fun about Fruitcakes and Dick had responded defending the Fruitcake.  A friendship quickly developed between the two men, and Dick would often send Mr. Woodward a Happy Cake for many years to come.  We have always felt that the Happy Cake is a Fruitcake due to the glace’d pineapple, and macadamia nuts.


Mr. Woodard was reminiscing about the Happy Cake and his old friend Dick in his column ‘Mock if you must, but it’s not Christmas without Fruitcake’.  It was a fun read and felt wonderful to look back at Dick Rodby and remember a great man!


Here at Happy Cakes we were delighted to say we sent Mr. Woodward a Hawaiian Happy Cake from Kemoo Farm,  and hopefully it will be the start a new lasting friendship!