Enjoy these great moments from Happy Cakes history! See the celebrities who enjoy Happy Cakes, as well as some great vintage photography from the Happy Cakes beginnings.

Cool Customers

Vintage Oahu Photos

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  1. Aloha Bill,
    Thank you very much for your comment. YES, this is the same ‘HAPPY CAKE’ and same recipe from Kemoo Farms restaurant across from Scofield Barracks. Dick Rodby ran his business right up until 2004 when he retired. Since then we have moved the bakery from Wahiawa down into Honolulu. As well we have focused on making smaller cakes in 16 oz and 8 oz sizes . Many older customers often miss the old 32 oz round cake but it is just too heavy.
    Let us know if you want to reconnect with some of your old Hawaiian historical past!
    All the best, and Happy New Year!

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