Our friends up in Wahiawa are now selling Happy Cakes! Yes, the Happy Cake is returning to its original roots and can be purchased beside Kemoo Farms at Route 99’s store.

The Happy Cake was started at the famous restaurant known as Kemoo Farm back in 1967. Route 99 has even released a map of sights to see along Route 99 to the North Shore.

Honolulu—May 11, 2015—Hawaii Lifestyle Brand Route 99 announces the release of a colorfully-illustrated Wahiawa map. The new memento map highlights off-the-beaten-path stops for tourists and locals as they cruise along the historic Route 99 to the North Shore.

Wahiawa is the first stop en route to the North Shore, or “da country” as locals like to refer to it as. While the city is rich in history, it is often bypassed. Fortunately, that may soon be a thing of the past: Route 99 announces the release of a new map showing Wahiawa points of interest — such as the Royal Birthing Stones, and the history of Kemoo’s Farms and Schofield Barracks. It’s expected the map will go a long way in helping the local community’s businesses do better as more tourist activity is encouraged.

“This was a really interesting project,” commented Charlie Teixeira, co-owner of Route 99 Hawaii. “Originally, we were excited that the store would be located on the highway that is our namesake. Then we wanted to find out more about the store’s environs. As someone who has lived on O’ahu 15 years, I realized I still had so much to learn!”

The map (see attachment) is being released this week, and will be available (at no charge) at the Route 99 Flagship Store and online for download.

For more information, and directions to locations on the map, visit http://www.route99hawaii.com/map/ or following the brand on Instagram @Route99Hawaii.

About Route 99

Route 99 Hawai’i is well known for their line of unique and fashion-forward hats in many different styles, including the popular “Only in the 808” hats, “Hawaiiana” caps, and North Shore caps. All are made to the highest level of quality, and are near guaranteed to turn heads.

Please stop in and say hi to Charlie and her team if driving around the island. Make your drive even more enjoyable!