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For 53 years, Happy Cakes have been building an army of fans and customers from around the world. A long-standing Christmas tradition among Hawaiian locals, the Happy Cake has also been enjoyed by thousands and thousands of international and North American tourists visiting our beautiful Hawaiian islands every year.

The mixture of flavors, finest local ingredients and our unique recipe are the distinctive ingredients that have kept Happy Cakes thriving since 1967. Enjoying a Happy Cake gives someone a taste and experience of the Hawaiian Islands!

In fact, Happy Cakes are often featured in various forms of media in different countries. Here are a few of those excerpts of the great stories about Happy Cakes presented in magazines, TV and radio.

Happy Cakes on TV

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Happy Cakes in Magazines

Here are some of the recent stories in magazines writing about Happy Cakes. Click on the gallery and enjoy browsing the magazines.


Happy Cakes on Japanese Radio

An interview with Owen by James Havens of Nagoya’s ZIP FM.

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