What do Happy Cakes and the Honolulu Marathon have in common?
According to Active.com – they make you happy!

  1. Physical exercise, running included, is known to release endorphins in the brain. Endorphins act as a natural “drug” that make a person more energetic, more awake and, yes, happier. 
    So next time you come visit my booth, park your car on the Kileuea side– plenty extra parking and a beautiful walk through KCC!
  2. Being in better shape changes you not only physically, but also mentally. It makes you feel more empowered, which leads to a happier mood.
    My active customers who’ve just hiked Diamondhead, reward themselves with a perfect combination of a Happy Cake slice with some Peaberry Coffee!
  3. Running and racing allow you to set goals. People are much happier when they are working towards a goal, whether they actually achieve it or not.
    So next time you plan to come to KCC, maybe set some goals on trying something uniquely Hawaiian like our cake or start a conversation with a friendly local and ask them places they recommend exploring or other hideaways on the island.
  4. The running community is a very social group even though running is an individual sport. Runners are very supportive of each other and are actually very social. 
    So please, swing by or even jog over to my booth. We love to talk story with customers and share what makes our cakes so happy. If you buy something, please join me for a picture behind the booth-we love our Happy Cakes Customers!
  5. Finally, running improves your self-esteem.
    And so do boxes and boxes of Hawaiian Happy Cakes for your friends and family back home. They will love you so much! Individually baked from scratch and wrapped with Aloha in our distinctly Hawaiian gift box, perfect for the holidays! 

So drop by our booth at the KCC Farmers Market this coming Saturday and say ALOHA and pick up some Happy Cakes for the big run!  

And to those of you running in the marathon, good luck from us at Happy Cakes!!!!!![:]