At Hawaiian Happy Cakes we are proud to compliment our famous cakes with only the finest coffee Hawaii has to offer.

Kona Coffee Farm

Kona Coffee Farm – Click for bigger image

Our coffee is grown on the volcanic slopes of Hualalai on the island of Hawaii.  Known locally as the ‘Big Island, it is the largest of the eight Hawaiian islands. Our coffee grows on our farms in the heart of the Kona district in Holualoa where climatic conditions are just perfect. Our trees receive the ideal amount of sun in the mornings, cloud coverage by mid-day, and then rain and moisture in the afternoons. The nutrient laden volcanic soil provides an incredible base for our Arabica trees. Arabica trees produce a bean that is lower in acidity than the Robusta variety which is more common in South America and Asia.

With farms based on steep slopes of a volcano, there is a large difference in elevation from the bottom of the farm to the top of the farm. Trees at the lower altitude ripen first, and are harvested. Harvesting continues upward as the coffee fruit ripens over the next few months.

Watch this blog space to see our next post on how our coffee beans are stripped from the cherry skins and then dried.